Benefits of Hiring a Blogger

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Organic traffic is akin to gold: once gained, you don’t want to lose it; you only want it to keep growing.


Organic traffic is traffic to your website based on your website’s content. This is not paid ads or paid traffic being directed to your site. Organic traffic is traffic to your website via a search engine result. This does not include traffic that is referred to your site by other websites either.

The easiest and best way to increase organic traffic to your website is to publish quality and relevant content on your blog regularly. This is, however, only one of the strategies used for acquiring new visitors. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a type of online marketing that focuses directly on improving organic traffic.


  1. Earn you money through leads and sales. Throwing content on your website won’t be much help if you are not getting the clients who are looking for what you sell or your services. A professional blogger will target you clients and write relevant, on-target content to get you solid leads.
  2. Save you money. When you outsource content creation, you are not paying a salaried employee, benefits, or time and money in training. Time is money, and professional bloggers can write a lot faster than your staff members. The time you save can then go toward converting the leads your blogger is bringing in, thus earning your ROI (return on investment).
  3. High-quality, professional content. You need to be the expert in your field, and a professional blogger has a knack for conveying information in a professional, yet, down-to-earth tone to engage your readers. Bloggers know how to research, use studies effectively, and stay up to speed about the latest in your industry news.
  4. Original, expert content. Professional bloggers publish original content. They know not to cut and paste from the Internet as Google punishes duplicate content. If you develop a relationship with one particular blogger, your content will have one unique voice that users will enjoy. Furthermore, a blogger can churn out quality content that is search-engine friendly and provides value to your audience is an arduous process. Hiring someone who can come up with compelling blog topics, research facts, and produce top-notch content consistently is worth the cost to cultivate organic traffic growth.

A professional blogger saves you and your business hours and hours, producing great articles, while you focus on growing your business. Once a relationship is established, the blogger can create articles seamlessly with communication being mostly via emails. A blogger can assess your business from an outside perspective, helping new readers who come to your site understand your business and what you can offer new clients.

Why Every Business Needs a Professional Blogger

Gaining organic traffic is not a walk in the park. It takes time and effort. A professional blogger understands the business of blogging. He or she can churn out content with your business goals in mind at a fraction of the cost it would take you. Furthermore, with the increase in lead conversions, that blogger’s price could end up being pennies on the dollar in comparison.

If you’re looking for a professional blogger for your business or for you personally, Search Results Blogger can help. With over a decade of blogging experience as well as novel-writing experience, I know how to write quickly and for quality. If you need samples of my clients, fill out my contact form, and I’ll be happy to send some along.

In today’s online competitive market place, you’ll need a strong presence organically. Contact me today to get started!