My Blogging Services

Blogging Services

I am an expert in content creation for websites. Whether you’re looking for page builds, blogs, infographics, email templates, or a video script, I can write it all. I blog for companies or individuals seeking to get their message across in the most consistent, effective, and professional manner.

I charge by word count of the content produced. I don’t charge for SEO tools I use: research on your business, your industry, your keywords, and your competitors. This is included in the price. I can send you samples of my current clients upon request. I write for all industries. Examples include: medical, dental, businesses, finance, consulting, restaurants, lingerie, clothing, accounting, fitness, schools and education services, etc. You name it, I’ve written for it. I am currently employed as a content creator for a company in my home town. I am doing this to help others who are seeking only content creation.

Services include words only. I do not do design. I charge a standard $25/100 words, so a 500 word blog post would be $125. If you hire me on a continual basis, I charge $20/100 words. This would be a minimum of 3 blogs per month for a minimum of 6 months.

Custom Editing Services

  • I also offer editing services. This is custom-priced based on the scope of the project. Contact me today for pricing options.

Payment is through Paypal only.

Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!